Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond Driveways are always available to answer your questions and we have listed a few driveway questions that we get asked frequently.

We are also able to answer any of your questions directly. Just use the contact form or call us on 0800 234 3830. Plus you can click here to download our Free Guide To Driveway.

Yes we do. All our quotations are offered free of charge and on a no obligation basis.

Each project has its own set of requirements and will most likely need grid drainage to channel water to your existing drains. Our professional team will assess the most efficient solution for your needs so please contact us today to arrange a site visit.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are a natural approach to managing drainage in and around properties and homeowners have a legal obligation to avoid surface water draining onto public highways from their property. If you are paving an area greater than 5m2, you will be responsible, regardless of whether it is a new or replacement driveway. Our team are on hand to advise.

Yes. All our works are covered by a 10 year product warranty and a 5 year workmanship guarantee. In addition all the products we use comply with the latests British Standards (BS EN1339:2003).

A regular size family home driveway will take between 3 – 4 days to lay, depending on the weather! Please also keep in mind that with some material options we also recommend new driveways are left to ‘cure’ for another few days before use.

We are delighted to have served hundreds of satisfied customers who’s reviews you can read here as well as on the likes of Checkatrade and Which. If you would like more customer references or testimonials we can gladly supply.

A permeable driveway or patio is where blocks are laid with wider spacing to allow water through to soak away underneath.

Each council has slightly different regulations but as a general rule planning permission is not usually necessary when updating your driveway. In the case of a new project, if water is being diverted to public drains, the council may need to be contacted to discuss. Our team is on hand to assist in this area and will be able to introduce you to planning specialists if necessary; who can help ensure the smooth delivery of your project.

Driveways sink for many reasons. The main one being the area has not been dug out correctly or deep enough. Sometimes the choice of materials used are incorrect, the sand might be the wrong type or laid too deep. The edges and front are not properly kerbed or have enough concrete to hold everything in place. If your current driveway is sinking please contact a member of the team who can help discuss the available solutions.

Usually very minimal maintenance is needed for the first 3 years after fitting a new driveway or patio. After this an annual brush, wash and possibly replenishing sand or sealant is advisable. Diamond Services are able to advise on what will be required for your specific project.


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