Invicta Block Paving from Brett

Brett Block Paving Diamond Driveways Invicta

We love premium block paving range, Invicta. Not only does it look great it was also their innovative product of the year. It’s top layer uses a unique combination of natural aggregates to create a hard wearing, long lasting paving solution whilst offering a stunning vibrant finish with a hint of sparkle.

Invicta is available in four complementary colours and both traditional and contemporary plan sizes, making this versatile product suitable for most projects.

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Hard Wearing

Long Lasting

Superior Performance

Sparkle Effect

4 Great Colours


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Which is your Brett Invicta block paving colour?

Choose from 4 great colours to suit any home.

Brett Block Paving Diamond Driveways Porcelain Paving Pearl
Brett Block Paving Diamond Driveways Porcelain Paving Onyx
Brett Block Paving Diamond Driveways Porcelain Paving Moonstone
Brett Block Paving Diamond Driveways Porcelain Paving Citrine

Made with Aggtech

Aggtech is the surface layer of Brett Block Paving and is created using a combination of specially sourced aggretgates to create superior performance.

It helps promote longevity, durability, and colour vibrancy with a distinctive light reflecting finish.

Aggtech truly is where science, technology and sustainability combine to deliver first class performance.

Features and Benefits

Unique natural aggregates are used on the surface of the product to create a stunning &  durable finish which replicates various natural stones.

The premium surface mix creates a hard  wearing, high performance paving for domestic, pedestrian & commercial trafficking.

Stain resistant coating available to reduce maintenance.

Permeable surface to allow water to drain through and help prevent standing water. 

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